How do I know if a job is still available?

All “available jobs” mentioned on our web site are pending (click herefor the list). Any time a selection ends and a vacancy is filled up, the job advertisement is removed from the web site.

What can I do if my profile does not match any of the positions pending?

You are invited to submit your CV by clicking onto speculative application here; we will file your CV in our database in full compliance with the applicable laws for personal data treatment and filing, and will take it into consideration at any time a vacancy should occur which matches your skills.

Can I also send my CV by mail or post?

No. The only way to send us a CV is through our website (click here).

What is the recruiting process like?

We will evaluate all applications according to different parameters, such as education, previous work experience and skills gained.
The candidates whose professional experience matches the requirements of our job description will be invited to Lefay for a first interview. The goal is to evaluate, in the first instance, how well the candidate’s profile matches the vacant position, as well as the person’s motivation.
A second interview may also be required as well, in order to focus on more technical, specific skills.

How can I know if a selection is still pending?

A reply will be sent to all candidates applying for a vacancy; in particular, once the candidate has been selected, we will inform all other candidates running for the same position that the selection has been closed.

Can I send my application again even if I took part to a previous selection assessment?

Once the selection process has ended, the candidates’ curricula will be duly filed to be taken into consideration for future positions that may match their profile.
If you wish to apply for a new position on our website, you can submit your CV again, pointing out the latest updates.

What would be the applicable contract if I am the person selected?

For more information about the type of contract, please click here.

Has Lefay got a seasonal opening, like many other places of tourism on Lake Garda?

No, Lefay enjoys a yearly opening, and the closing period is limited to a few weeks’ holiday during the low season (usually in the month of January). Any job at Lefay would mean higher professional stability for the candidate.

Which benefits do Lefay staff enjoy?

For more information about the benefits for Lefay’s staff, please click here.

How do I get to Lefay?

Lefay Resort lies in Gargnano, on Lake Garda, in a beautiful location with stunning views. We suggest you reach us by your own car, as the resort is not well served by public transport.
For more information about the Resort’s location, please click here.

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