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The real key to our success is the excellence of our staff. This is the reason why, by entering the Lefay world, you will have the chance to be part of a motivated and excellence-oriented team, to grow professionally, and to take advantage of a series of truly unique benefits in this field in Italy.

The attitudes and skills of our staff directly influence the excellence of the service we are committed to offering our guests every day. Lefay training develops along three paths:

- Introduction: once you enter the Lefay world, you will attend a 2-day training course to dive into Lefay’s values and to become familiar with the working environment and with the working procedures and standards of the department in question

- Professional education and training: for one year, you will take part to specific training sessions (e.g. foreign languages courses, guests relationship …) to develop or to improve the specific technical skills required by the role

- Management Courses: if you are selected to be an HOD, you will follow a specific training path to develop the management skills and compulsory levels of competence required to be successful in your leading role.

In compliance with the Company’s values, Lefay deems it is necessary to give priority to its internal HRs as far as their professional growth is concerned. That’s why, any time a new position becomes vacant inside our resort, and before starting an outside selection process, the HR management runs a deep analysis of the staff already working in a department, in order to sort out the ones who, potentially and by means of a promotion, may fill the vacancy.
Lefay applies all its HRs the current Italian Employment Agreement for Tourism Operators; levels may depend on the position covered in the Company, while a fixed-term or open–ended contract definition may depend on the features and specific needs of the single role. Every prescription of the contract (holidays, shifts …) is managed in a clear way by the HR Department and can be checked by any member of the staff at any time.
All members of the staff in need of accommodation will be offered lodging for free directly on the resort grounds or in a residence very close to the hotel. The staff houses are brand new and offer all living comforts. Those who do not need accommodation will, alternatively, enjoy an additional monthly benefit added to their salary.
Staff will enjoy free and limitless access to a specific, reserved restaurant. “Noi” restaurant, which is managed directly by Lefay’s Vital Gourmet staff, provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snacks for those working on shifts, to ensure that all staff enjoy the restaurant facilities in compliance with their working hours and the needs of their own department.
The “Employee of the Month” award rewards and stimulates all staff able to go beyond the guests’ expectations, or show deep commitment in their daily activity.
Every staff member will enjoy the holidays foreseen by the Employment Agreement applied during the resort season’s closing (usually in the month of January) and during the year according to his choice and needs (excluding high season periods).
Every staff member will be given, when starting his employment with Lefay, a set of uniforms specifically designed for the department in question. The laundry and ironing service for these uniforms is offered for free by Lefay.


All “available jobs” mentioned on our web site are pending (click here for the list). Any time a selection ends and a vacancy is filled up, the job advertisement is removed from the web site.
You are invited to submit your CV by clicking onto speculative application here; we will file your CV in our database in full compliance with the applicable laws for personal data treatment and filing, and will take it into consideration at any time a vacancy should occur which matches your skills.
No. The only way to send us a CV is through our website (click here).
We will evaluate all applications according to different parameters, such as education, previous work experience and skills gained. The candidates whose professional experience matches the requirements of our job description will be invited to Lefay for a first interview. The goal is to evaluate, in the first instance, how well the candidate’s profile matches the vacant position, as well as the person’s motivation. A second interview may also be required as well, in order to focus on more technical, specific skills.
A reply will be sent to all candidates applying for a vacancy; in particular, once the candidate has been selected, we will inform all other candidates running for the same position that the selection has been closed.
Once the selection process has ended, the candidates’ curricula will be duly filed to be taken into consideration for future positions that may match their profile. If you wish to apply for a new position on our website, you can submit your CV again, pointing out the latest updates.
For more information about the type of contract, please click here.
No, Lefay enjoys a yearly opening, and the closing period is limited to a few weeks’ holiday during the low season (usually in the month of January). Any job at Lefay would mean higher professional stability for the candidate.
For more information about the benefits for Lefay’s staff, please click here.
Lefay Resort lies in Gargnano, on Lake Garda, in a beautiful location with stunning views. We suggest you reach us by your own car, as the resort is not well served by public transport. For more information about the Resort’s location, please click here.


If you are currently attending university or you have just graduated at university/high school, Lefay offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and enter the labour market with an internship which may turn into a job contract as well. The internship will let you dive into Lefay values, learn the standards required in luxury hotêllerie, and get a sound knowledge of all areas in a hotel. You will be supported by a tutor, working in your same department, who will stay close to you to help you reach the professional and personal goals in your educational programme. The internship may last from 3 to 6 months, and a reimbursement will be given.

The internship can take place in the following departments:

-Front office and Booking
-Restaurant and Bar
-Kitchen and Pâtisseriea
-SPA: aesthetics and massages
-Marketing & Sales