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Summer skin care

Summer skin memo: take care of yourself with the Lefay SPA beauty tips and a home-made scrub! Discover more...


In the last few months, the importance of a personal space where we can feel comfortable and close to nature...
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A green dish: the Italian “vignarola”

A spring vegetable stew: the vegan ancient dish cooked using healthy, simple and, above all, seasonal ingredients.
Wellness & Beauty

“Stretching of the Meridians” by Lefay SPA

Stretching of the Meridians: do it at home following the sequence explained step by step by Lefay SPA experts
Wellness & Beauty

Daily Skincare Routine for Face: Lefay SPA Tips

The basics from our Lefay SPA beauty expert and three recipes for homemade facial masks.
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Homemade protein bars: Give it a try

Staying home means new habits: have fun while making our homemade protein bars!
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Stress-relieving breathing: do it at home

Stress-relieving breathing creates and intimate link between breath, heart and mind, calming down our heartbeat and spirit.
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How to boost your immune system

Doctor Carlo Barbieri, President of the Lefay SPA Scientific Committee, unveils a list of suggestions to boost our immune defences ...
Stay Green

Sustainable Tourism: the future is eco-friendly

An eco-friendly property is based not only on preconditions such as bio-architecture, but also the use of certified and local ...
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Wellness Trends 2020: Prescribing Nature

We are in a waiting room before going in to see the doctor. After a few questions and an examination, ...