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“Stretching of the Meridians” by Lefay SPA

Stretching of the Meridians: do it at home following the sequence explained step by step by Lefay SPA ...
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Homemade protein bars: Give it a try

Staying home means new habits: have fun while making our homemade protein bars!
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Stress-relieving breathing: do it at home

Stress-relieving breathing creates and intimate link between breath, heart and mind, calming down our heartbeat and spirit.
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Wellness Trends 2020: Prescribing Nature

We are in a waiting room before going in to see the doctor. After a few questions and ...
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Spring: how do we feel and why?

In man and nature there are seasons: four major energy changes that occur in every living thing. According ...


A group of decision-makers can only agree on a few things: men usually find it easier to divide ...