The red tablecloth and Christmas centrepieces are just a memory now; the New Year has begun and so have the health New Year’s resolutions. In this regard, we must say that most people decide to start a ‘detox’ period after the holidays to lose weight. Taking a few days to detoxify the organism is in fact useful for restoring balance, cleansing the body and helping to reset hunger, fullness and satiety cues after a sugar-rich diet.
According to Classical Chinese Medicine, detoxification can literally reverse the symptoms of illness and change your life, restoring your body’s natural harmony. The major organs involved in the detoxification system are the liver, small intestine, kidneys, and colon. A detox process removes toxic substances from body cells, improving digestion, rebalancing the gut, and increasing energy, nutrient absorption capacity, and organ function efficiency.

The human body is equipped with all the necessary tools to get rid of accumulated toxins: “Detox” therefore means detoxifying the organism from anything considered harmful; by making certain choices, you can help your body to better cope with this process. For example, with regard to internal toxins, i.e. those produced by the various metabolic functions, it is advisable to favour a diet mainly based on seasonal vegetables, limiting dairy products, simple sugars, meat or excessively salty foods, and drinking plenty of water (about two litres a day). If we take care of the environment, we will also be able to do something about external toxins coming from the products we use, the air we breathe and the soil we farm…

Last but not least, “detox” also applies to the mind: this is often underestimated, but committing to positive thoughts and processes, avoiding negativity or wasting energy on experiences that make us uncomfortable, is crucial. Any physical or mental activity in fact produces waste in the body and the persistent presence of these substances is toxic. Prolonged stress creates an imbalance between the production of toxins and the body’s ability to detoxify them.

The Lefay SPA Method “Purezza ed Equilibrio” Detox Health Programme is based on this very principle and has been developed to remove toxins accumulated during periods of stress and re-establish better functioning of the organs responsible for their elimination, turning back the body’s biological clock and assisting it to disperse toxin accumulation.

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