Wellness & Beauty


In recent years, we have witnessed a true technological revolution in the wellness and beauty industry. The synergy between scientific research, technological innovation and the cosmetics industry is becoming ever stronger in order to meet the new needs of the public, who are constantly in search of excellent products and cutting-edge technologies for increasingly personalised skin care.

This has led to the rise of many new brands of high-performance cosmetics, with multifunctional formulas designed to maximise results with less product. It has also encouraged the development of a wide range of technologies developed to analyse the skin in detail, allowing the complete personalisation of treatments.

In response to these new trends, the Lefay SPA non-invasive aesthetic medicine section has been enriched with a new innovative technology. The purpose of the new Observ®320 is to increase the effectiveness of Lefay SPA holistic beauty treatments, which use high-tech equipment to improve skin blemishes without the need for invasive therapies, guaranteeing long-lasting, effective and harmonious results.

This innovative diagnostic imaging device analyses skin conditions, including the underlying ‘invisible’ layers. A screening technology that clearly identifies skin problems through high quality images, allowing even invisible manifestations of skin conditions to be identified. By using Observ®320, the Lefay SPA beautician is able to photograph the Guest’s face under specific lighting conditions by means of different patented LED light sources and filters, which, through advanced algorithms, provide information on features such as surface texture, pigmentation, vascularity and firmness.

This data, analysed by the Lefay SPA team, highlights the key elements for establishing a specific Lefay SPA Method treatment plan, tailored to the individual’s needs. It will also be possible to suggest which products from the Lefay SPA cosmetic line ‘Tra Suoni e Colori’, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, phytocomplexes and organic extra virgin olive oil, are best suited to the skin conditions identified, so that the guest can continue their new beauty routine at home. Because every individual is unique and unrepeatable.

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