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The Mediterranean is a sea that borders three continents. This is why, when we talk about the Mediterranean diet, we are referring to many different worlds, both near and far away. It is a sustainable nutrition model that has both environmental and economic benefits.

The rediscovery of the Mediterranean diet is therefore an important opportunity to avoid the homogenisation of eating habits and to safeguard biodiversity. This diet is based on a high intake of wholegrain cereals and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fish and plant-based proteins such as pulses.

The Mediterranean atmosphere can also be felt on the shores of Lake Garda. Despite its location in the north of the Italian peninsula, Lake Garda actually has a Mediterranean microclimate thanks to its wind system and the moderating effect of its large basin, which ensures a mild climate.

The Gramen Restaurant at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is a tribute to this unique microcosm: featuring a terrace overlooking the lake with a unique view, its concept is based on the Mediterranean diet and the respect for the planet and ourselves. The dishes bring out the natural properties of each ingredient, using freshwater and sea fish, plants and herbs collected from our energy garden.

Gramen is a word that represents the most wild and natural elements, reconnecting us to the roots of Earth and ourselves.

A place for a culinary journey to be experienced in a suspended terrace overlooking the enchanting lake, surrounded by flourishing gardens, whose dishes enhance both freshwater fish and seafood, together with plant-based ingredients, some of which are picked in our Energy and Therapeutic Garden; five areas with different cultivated or wild herbs used in the two seven-course tasting paths.

“Per Agros” is a tribute to the products of the earth: a riot of colours reminiscent of Flemish painting. Among the most popular dishes are “Black” spaghetti, carrots and plankton and Aubergine “Parmigiana” style and vegan ricotta.
“Per Aquam” explores all the dimensions of nature, taking the Guest on a journey through the beauty of the earth, a true emblem of the Mediterranean diet. Clams, oysters and yellowtail are the protagonists of movements that surprise all the senses.

The new Gramen menu is available from this week, find out more here.