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The scent of a madeleine dipped in lime tea, freshly baked biscuits or the eau de cologne worn by grandmother: some smells are powerful stimuli that trigger an involuntary olfactory trip down memory lane in each of us.

This happens because smell is the oldest, most primordial and instinctive sense that is processed in a deep part of our brain: the olfactory bulb. Located close to the hippocampus, where memories are processed and the memory of events in our lives is created, the olfactory bulb associates and binds smells and fragrances to the experiences we have had.

Therefore, when we smell a certain scent, it brings back memories of a specific episode making us feel the emotion we have experienced at that moment. In particular, there are aromas, such as lavender or citrus, that evoke nature and the sea and instil in us a sense of serenity and deep relaxation.

These are the key principles of aromatherapy, according to which the inhalation of specific essences and fragrances has a positive influence on the body, both on a physical as well as on an emotional and mental level. The diffusers and candles of the Home Fragrance line have been created according to these principles with the aim of recalling at home the sensations of profound well-being experienced in Lefay SPAs.

The “Spezie Bianche” fragrance encourages you to embark on a journey to relieve stress, anxiety and treat insomnia thanks to the citrus notes of mandarin, cedar and bergamot.

The “Ginepro” fragrance combines the relaxing properties of citrus, lavender and black pepper with the stimulating and restorative properties of thyme, juniper and vetiver to fight physical and mental fatigue and strengthen the immune system.

The essence of the “Fichi e Agrumi” candles and diffusers, recalling the citrusy atmospheres of the Mediterranean courts, provides the body and mind with new vital energy.

Lastly, the aquatic notes of “Fiore d’Acqua” provide a sensation of freshness and well-being, enhanced by the noble fragrances of lily and lotus, while the aromas of amber and tobacco help soothe and relax the senses.

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