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The most beautiful memories of summer such as spending evenings under the starry sky, laughing, sharing moments with our friends and going on a trip to the south represent the transition to maximum Yang and affect our body and our spirit.

The theory of the five movements, which Classical Chinese Medicine is based on, states that nature and the human being are governed by moments associated with the state of energy, whose manifestations are shown in organs, seasons, stages of life, moments of the day, and elements.

Summer is the period of maximum Yang, when energy explodes, and it expresses itself physically and emotionally. It is the season associated with the element fire, which is dynamic, ever-changing and warming.

The daylight hours increase, and nature expresses its full vitality; human beings spend more time outdoors and look for more convivial moments. The organ energetically connected to this season is the heart. If the heart is in a good energy state, the blood circulates well, the constitution is strong, and the psycho-emotional sphere is balanced. The feeling associated with the heart is joy. It is the seat of the “Shen”, which also connected to dreams.

The Heart manifests itself in the facial complexion: a rosy and lively complexion is a sign of health. In particular, it is expressed in the gaze and speech, which tends to be fluent and harmonious when the person is well balanced. It corresponds to the sound of laughter and is associated with the bitter taste.

At Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, summer is represented by the Red Phoenix, located on the south in the energy therapeutic garden. In the Dolomites, the homonymous energetic station is developed in the area of the high-temperature Finnish saunas, in the ice pool and in the Kneipp path.

The Lefay SPA Red Phoenix Massage, featuring lavender and rose essential oils, works on the energy lines symbolically corresponding to summer and noon, i.e. the heart meridian. It has a relaxing effect, as the Red Phoenix reborn from its ashes with renewed energy.

Suggested rebalancing activities for this energy include Five animals Qi Gong which activates the Five Organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and their functions and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of pathological symptoms. Meditation is also recommended, to focus on the “here and now”, eliminating negative thoughts making room for positive reflections.