Stay Green


When we talk about seasonality in the mountains, we usually imagine the destination in summer and winter. However, apparently it is exactly in autumn that the Dolomites reveal their most enchanting beauty.

Starting from the end of September, nature transforms: the colours, the aromas in the air, the light, all change. The sun becomes mild, and the sky takes on a darker and clearer azure hue. All the trees in the forests reveal their warmest shades: maples, hazels, larches and all broad-leaved trees are dressed in reds and yellows, alternating with the greens of the conifers. They look like scenes from an impressionist painting, shining in the autumnal sunset.

Even the wildlife notices the change: animals prepare for winter and, for some of them, the mating season begins. Deer in particular alter their behaviour: between the middle of September and the middle of October, adult males interrupt their usual solitary life to dedicate themselves to the mating call.
In the evening, it is possible to hear these particular calls produced by the male deer thanks to a real physiological change in its vocal cords which thicken during the breeding season.

It is the beginning of a metamorphosis that leads to winter and that even human beings can experience as a therapeutic process: in everyday life, the phase of recollection and transformation gets overshadowed, but the movements of energies persist, and people are subjected to them, whether consciously or not.

To reconnect with nature and autumn, Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti suggests some outdoor excursions where you are immersed in surreal colours, such as E-Bike tours to explore Val Genova, Val Rendena and Val Brenta, Nordic walking, trekking, walking guided by Lefay SPA experts or for the gourmands, the tasting of typical products.