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Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line: Science and Nature

According to the Greeks, beauty meant harmony. At that time, the origin of the world was attributed to the contrast between Kaos and Kosmos. Nowadays, the term “cosmos” is used as a synonym of “universe”, a tradition that does not consider the etymology of the word, which means “order”. Reality was seen as the regularity of things and system of everything. The word “cosmetics” comes from the same semantic root, not only understood as the action of adorning the body, but as a rebalancing process of all its parts. In the contemporary world, the adjective “cosmetic” is associated with coloured make-up bags, silky textures and glamorous scents. The products of Lefay Cosmetics Line insist on the concept of harmony, by combining the fascination and seduction of self-care whilst respecting the environment.

The skin is the most extended part of the body, in contact with all internal organs and with the outside world: a human being’s connection with the universe. It plays as a true ambassador between the body’s balance and the circumstances of the world.


All Lefay products have been designed for this role played by the epidermis, which communicates on two levels, reflecting a state of wellness, receiving and sending information. Healthy, beautiful skin sends messages of joy, acknowledged with harmony by nature, one of the fundamental principles of the line, designed in full respect for the environment.

How was the Line created?
Dr. Francesca Ferri explains


A Bachelor of Pharmacy with a diploma in Homoeopathy and specialising in Cosmetics, Dr. Ferri is the founder of Effegilab, a nutraceuticals and cosmetics research and manufacturing company. In addition to being the author of well-known scientific publications, Dr Ferri is known for having developed the proprietary method of Phytomelatonin extraction

What are the core values of Effegilab?

Effegilab was founded in Trento in 2001 by a group of phyto-pharmacology researchers. The untouched nature of the Dolomites is our habitat. We work for a world that we imagine as clear as the waters of the sea, where nature is thriving. We pay a great deal of attention to the origin of substances and scientific rigour. The best example that reflects the intensity of our research is phytomelatonin, along with the discovery of the concept of psycho-cosmetics.

What makes the formulations of the Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line so innovative?

The products are the result of a study conducted in partnership with the Lefay SPA Scientific Committee, consistent with the principles of the holistic wellness philosophy, which combines Classical Chinese Medicine with the results of western scientific research. We have combined this approach with the technical and scientific skills of our company. The formulations of the line are based on the conjugation between nature and science. From nature, we derive the active ingredients of the most tested medicinal plants, combined with organic olive oil from Garda. Sustainable products that combine with scientific research to regulate cell metabolism and DNA, which is essential for an individual’s well-being: we can influence the behaviour of our cells through our lifestyle, nutrition and thoughts. These are Lefay’s “smart” nutricosmetic conditions, which act on cell metabolism, giving energy to the skin, protecting DNA and the immune system.

What does “Nutricosmetics” mean? How does it differ from traditional cosmetics?

It is based on the principle that beauty can be promoted from the outside, as well as, and perhaps even more so, from the inside. The skin contains branches of the vascular, hormonal, immune and nervous systems; it oxygenates us, balances us, protects us and excites us. To carry out this important task, we have to nourish it from the inside and outside. Only clean and sustainable “smart” nutricosmetics can meet these needs.

All Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line products are distinguished by five principles. Can you explain their meaning?

Naturalness means that all products in the line are clean and sustainable, in full respect for the environment. The ingredients are the result of scientific research and Mediterranean nature of the active ingredients, based on the Italian spirit. The high concentration of vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins and phytocomplexes, extracted using the most modern technologies, is the main feature of micronutrition. The activation of cellular metabolism with immunomodulating active ingredients gives energy and life to the skin, protecting it from ageing. Finally, by protecting DNA and the immune system, thanks to the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, the skin is rebalanced.

What is the importance of the certifications achieved by the line?

Since the beginning, one of the pillars of the new Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line has been that it is consistent with the Lefay SPA Method philosophy, stating that a person’s well-being cannot overlook that of the environment. In 2006, Alcide and Liliana Leali founded Lefay Resorts with the aim of offering a unique luxury spa holiday by creating an Eco-Resort that fully respects the environment. It was therefore necessary that its cosmetics also reflected this philosophy: this is why the line’s sustainability is formalised by the most important international certification bodies. All products are Vegan Certified and, therefore, do not use raw materials derived from animals and only contain cruelty-free ingredients. The international standard “stop testing on animals” is guaranteed by Anti-Vivisection League. Our products are also dermatologically tested by the University of Ferrara and do not contain petrolatum, SLES, dyes, preservatives or added parabens. Finally, our face and body cosmetic oils are Cosmos Organic certified, the green chemistry standard that establishes the requirements for organic and natural cosmetics relating to the entire production chain.

It is interesting to know that the line does not contain dyes, preservatives or parabens. Are these substances harmful to the body?

Of course: we don’t think about it, but we use cosmetics every day and, through the skin, they penetrate the body. The use of dyes, preservatives and parabens can primarily damage the skin and, secondly, the deeper layers of the body. All Lefay SPA products are made from organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Lefay’s commercial farms; Vitamins A, E, C, F, Provitamin B5 and Panthenol; Emulsifiers and Vegetable Oils, including Red Grape, Apricot Oil, Phytomelatonin, Mullein Flower Extract, Stem Cells from Green Grape Berries, Pisum Sativum, Almonds, Hazel, Lavender water, Hibiscus Extracts and Lotus Flowers; Micronised Hyaluronic Acid and Tetrapeptide.

The Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line offers five specific lines. Does this mean that each formulation has been designed according to specific skin needs?

The skin is an organ that expresses various sides of our being, such as, for instance, our age, lifestyle or gender. Each of these nuances is followed by a different hormonal and genetic make-up. Men’s skin, for example, compared with women’s, is thicker and less soft and produces a greater amount of lipids. This is why the Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line offers five specific lines, designed according to the individual needs of various types of skin.