Stay Green

Conscious Clothing: Do your skin a favour

Our skin is more than an external barrier: It’s our largest organ and the reflection of our inner self. For this reason, it is important to wear eco-friendly clothing made from natural fabrics.

Nowadays increasingly more attention is being paid to skincare, to the cosmetic products we use to cleanse, moisturise and protect our skin. So the same care and selection should be paid when buying clothes. Consistent with the Lefay holistic wellness concept, our Resorts offer product lines that use no polyester or other toxic substances: the selected garments are made from natural fabrics providing the body with an unprecedented sensory experience.

Milk protein (lanital) and bamboo fabric, fine cottons and cashmere are the hallmarks of Back Label Wellness Wear®, the partner chosen by Lefay for the customisation of Lefay Style products. Wellness Wear is a philosophy, a lifestyle, an attitude towards life that follows the values of truth and beauty, dedicated to men and women in search of quality. The lines are designed to let you fully enjoy moments of relaxation, travel in total comfort or exercise while allowing your skin to breathe. Athleticwear, for example, uses a fabric made of 80% cotton and 20% elastane. In this case, the filaments of elastane are interwoven within two layers of cotton: an innovative technique that prevents toxins and body oil released during physical activity from being trapped within the fibres.

Not only do these ingredients make us feel good, they are totally environmentally friendly. Milk protein fabric, made from casein, is an incredible material that feels like a second skin. The bamboo fabric comes from cultivations that do not require the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Sea Island cotton, cultivated exclusively in the Caribbean Islands, is known for its durability. Seaweed fabric has moisturising, nourishing and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus cotton is particularly suitable for the most sensitive skin due to its alkaline ph. Finally, Cariaggi Cashmere reaches unparalleled levels of softness and lightness, thanks to selection of the finest 100% Made in Italy Cashmere.

You can find out more about all Back Label fibres and their properties here. All Lefay Style products are available in our shops.