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Psychological effects on the outward appearance

In Chinese “Lăo Huà” literally means “to become old”. In the first ideogram on the left the top part contains the character for “hair”, while the lower part refers to “change”. In the second ideogram, the left side represents a man standing and on the right side a man sitting, meaning “transformation”, a person who changes. The union of the two ideograms means “to age”.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ageing is seen as a progressive decline of vital energy, known as “Qi”. Genetically inherited energy, combined with the cosmic energy present at the moment of conception and birth, is the starting energy heritage. With a little luck, a strong “Qi” provides good health and a long life. What we can do is dedicate ourselves to maintaining and enhancing our “Qi”.

«To achieve this result, a conscious attitude in all aspects of life is essential, particularly with regard to food, physical activity, sexuality, stress management and sleep» explains Dr. Carlo Barbieri, chairman of the Lefay SPA Method Scientific Committee. «The factor still neglected by Western medicine is psyche. Peace of mind is as important as a good diet, physical activity or rest» affirms Barbieri.

Dr. Barbara Gavazzi, member of the Lefay SPA Method Scientific Committee, is specialist in the comparative study between Chinese Medicine and depth psychology and creator of the Psychotherapeutic Medical Consultation offered at Lefay SPA. We delve further into this with her expert advice.

How does psyche influence the outward appearance?

«The psyche is made up of emotional experiences, significant biographical episodes, dreams and personalities. Aspects that can influence an individual’s health and therefore the quality of their natural beauty, especially if we believe that the external appearance is the result of the proper functioning of the whole body.»

What techniques should be adopted to help an individual to share their feelings?

«Psychotherapeutic medical consultations are very useful in helping an individual to open up about their feelings. In addition, Lefay SPA Method health programmes begin with an energetic interview which aims to understand the Guest’s clinical history both in relation to the body and their psychological characteristics that are expressed in their dreams, quality of sleep, behaviour, emotionality and more, which are necessary features according to Chinese Medicine.»

At what level are experiences that may determine the radiance of the outward appearance developed?

«The term “depth psychology” refers to all those psychologies that connect the ego to the psychic layers not directly perceived as pertinent to the ego itself, even if they are not attributable to a single theory called the “unconscious”. It can be said that it is the true root of all of our behaviour, the most authentic root of what we are and express outwards, including in terms of beauty.»

The Lefay SPA Anti Age treatments combine the manual techniques of firming and drainage with the use of specialist products from the cosmetics line “Tra Suoni e Colori” that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, by modulating the oxidative processes and protecting the genetic heritage. The health programme “Luminosità dello Spirito” is dedicated to those who want to revive their appearance and is based on a wholly holistic concept of beauty, focusing on rebalancing the nervous system, nourishing the soul and deep relaxation. Aspects that together give renewed radiance to the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and making the body more toned.