Wellness & Beauty


Among the new trendy beauty programmes, the favourite this year is a treatment that uses cold to treat imperfections: cryotherapy.

Despite what one might think, cryotherapy is not a contemporary trend, but has very ancient origins: it even dates back to the times of the Ancient Greeks, the first to experience the positive effects of cold therapy.

Among the benefits that cryotherapy brings to the body there are the reduction of muscle and joint pain and inflammation through the production of substances such as endorphins and cytokines, the improvement of body composition, and the acceleration of basal metabolic rate. This treatment is often used in sports to aid the recovery of athletes after training and to help them maintain a healthy physical condition.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that cold, besides its anti-inflammatory properties, has a therapeutic effect on sleep disorders, depressive syndromes and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. In the latter, low temperatures boost the energy expenditure of fat cells. In fact, our body tends to burn more energy, using the body’s fat reserves to produce heat in order to protect itself and keep the heat balance.

A session typically consists of spending three to five minutes in a cold chamber with temperatures of -85 ° to -95 ° C. Short-time cooling stimulates a growing circulatory and lymphatic response, diffusing nutrients and helping remove toxins.

At Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Lefay SPA Method’s innovative signature Health Programmes combine modern cryotherapy with the ancient wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine in which cold represents the apex of Yin, the heaviest and most material part of the energy. To ensure overall well-being, this must always be in balance with Yang, the light and luminous energy,

As a result, there will be a newfound warmth not only for the limbs but also for the spirit, bringing into balance every part of the being.