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Why diets don’t work while listening does: nutrition according to Lefay SPA

Lefay Vital Gourmet

“We are what we eat”

This well-known saying has been attributed to many thinkers throughout time and space. It was coined in the second half of the eighteen hundreds by Ludwig Feuerbach, a German philosopher interested in nutrition and in rejecting soul-body dualism, a great supporter of psychophysical unity.

This scientific principle shaped the Bavarian philosopher’s entire literature in a much broader sense and introduced two key aspects, recaptured in Lefay SPA’s philosophy: the complementarity of soul and body and self-awareness within global wellbeing. When we say that even food can nourish our soul, we are referring to the care we take in looking after ourselves, to our psychological inclination towards nutrition and to our approach towards pleasure.

Lefay Vital Gourmet 1The better we eat, the more we perceive our body; the more we perceive our body, the better gets our desire to eat. It may seem strange, but several studies conducted by leading research institutes across the world have shown that 95% of traditional diets fail or, worse, have the opposite effect than expected: the kilos lost are put back on, plus more.

What can really work over time is listening to our body. Lefay SPA’s philosophy aims to change eating habits by teaching the nutritional characteristics of food and the psychological processes that determine our approach towards it.

The weight management programme is specifically aimed at weight control and designs personalised diets that, although incorporating all the principles of detoxifying nutrition, are also highly rewarding for the palate.

The most widespread approaches offer a standard menu to lose weight. This is counter-productive because the sense of feeling full and of gratification differs from one person to another.

Another important aspect that’s often disregarded is our intestinal flora: high-quality intestinal flora doesn’t produce the toxins that intensify general intoxication and that lead to weight gain. In short, we can say that the main problem of diets is their focus on short-term instead of long-term results.

The Lefay SPA Method “Armonia del Corpo” programme offers a personalised programme which can be summarised into 5 key principles:

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1) Based on individual metabolic and psychological features.
Guests are fully involved in their diet choices and experience them as if they were their own. Since feeling responsible, it will be easier for them to make these choices in the future. Furthermore, the number and type of recommended courses are based on individual motivation.

2) Acts on intestinal flora improvement.
This is obtained by using ingredients naturally rich in prebiotic substances (roots, artichokes, legumes), which nourish milk enzymes selectively. A high-quality intestinal flora reduces the flora responsible for toxin accumulation.

3) The least demanding diet as possible from a metabolic viewpoint.
The diets help enzymes eliminate accumulated toxins, preventing those of the food that has just been eaten from being processed.

4) The menu considers pleasure as one of the key elements of a diet. .
The idea of having to choose between health and pleasure is set aside and satisfaction based on quantity is replaced with values of quality and variety.

5) The programme is designed to continue even after the Guests’ stay.
This happens by gradually making the Guests feel their body and establish lasting self-regulation. They achieve this goal by understanding their psychophysical condition that emerged during the medical interview, as well as through an optimised diet and through personalised treatments and physical activities. The aim is not to see a temporary change on the scales, but to help Guests go back to perceiving their body: the key element for balancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Lefay SPA Method “Armonia del Corpo” Weight Management Programme is available from a stay of 5 nights or in the intensive version of 10 nights. It offers a nutritional consultation with the prescription of a “sustainable” and personalised diet for a wellness personal path which continues at home.