Stay Green


Veg, Veggie, Vegan: in the last few years these words have evolved to define not only a type of diet but a life choice. Italian or English adjectives and nouns altered and abbreviated to indicate in an incisive way (whether about nutrition or something else) lifestyles without animal components. Or almost.

For example, does “Veg” stand for vegetarian or vegan? That depends. On who uses it and where. If referring to vegetarian, it does not totally exclude the presence of animal: eggs, dairy products or honey for example, are included in the vegetarian diet but not in the vegan one.

Moreover, although the attention of consumers and media on these idioms focuses on nutrition, there are several other aspects of our lives connected to this issue and characterised by an equally strong impact.

Take cosmetics, for example: skin care products we apply every day. Many people are not aware that the beauty industry makes extensive use of animal products in its formulations: keratin, hyaluronic acid, stearic acid, placenta or lanolin are just some of the animal substances contained in cosmetic solutions.

So how can we protect ourselves? Lots of people following a vegan diet may not even be aware that they use self-care products containing animal substances. Luckily there are symbols that guarantee the total plant-based origin of products. The most well-known and recognised one is “VEGANOK”: much more than a normal certification, it is the first and only ethical guarantee mark for vegan products born in Italy that responds to a strict regulation, based on a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the “Vegan” choice and everything concerning the respect for every living creature’s life. VEGANOK is the most widespread ethical standard in the world with over 1000 certified companies and services and tens of thousands of products both in Italy and abroad.

These include the Lefay SPA dermatological cosmetic line, composed of over 50 products, all vegan ok and cruelty free certified. A value that the company does not only promote: the vegan label is a key part of the Lefay holistic wellness experience.

Even for those Guests who do not to have spa treatments during the stay, the vegan choice unconsciously becomes part of their holiday: in fact, all Suites offer a set of Vegan Ok certified and totally vegan products for personal care and hygiene.

A choice that makes Lefay one of the few resorts in Italy to provide vegan products for its Guests.

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