Wellness & Beauty

Mind and Wellness: the importance of listening to your body

Over the past years, purification programmes and treatments have been focusing on nutrition, beauty, toxin accumulation and much more.
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Where can we find the best chocolate in the world? ...

Imagine an immaculate island, surrounded by the clear waters of the Gulf of Guinea and bound by amber, white, volcanic ...
Wellness & Beauty

Lefay SPA Cosmetics Line: Science and Nature

The skin is the most extended part of the body, in contact with all internal organs and with the outside ...
Wellness & Beauty

The benefits of Phytotherapy

Before the arrival of synthetic drugs, plants were the only remedies available to alleviate various ailments.

Vittoriale degli Italiani Museum

The year is 1921 and in Gardone Riviera, on the Western shore of Lake Garda, a bold character arrives: the ...
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Local flavour: discovering freshwater fish

Why eat local produce? The short chain is not only environmentally friendly, but encourages a healthy and conscious way of ...
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Smoked Whitefish

1 ½ artichokes, 200g cocoa butter, Coarse salt, 1 whitefish fillet, Extra virgin olive oil, 400g peeled almonds, 800g sparkling ...